How To Design A Beautiful Room For Your Young Daughter

27 June 2017
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Planning a room for a boy can be enjoyable, but planning a room for a girl can be an exceptionally fun thing to do. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create a beautiful space for your daughter's bedroom.

Assess Your Daughter's Personality - Probably nobody knows your daughter as well as you do. Her personality will help you to choose the styles you will select for her room.

If your daughter is a bit of a tom-boy, you won't want too many frills. However, you can add some feminine touches to the room. For example, let's say you're choosing a denim bedspread and denim curtains for her windows. Add white or pink eyelet to things like curtain tie-backs and throw pillows.

If your little girl thinks of herself as a princess, think of colors like pink, lavender, white, sunshine yellow, and turquoise for her bedspread and curtain.

Let's say your daughter is neither a tom-boy nor the princess type of girl. Then look to what her favorite pastimes are. Does she love to read? Wall paper with books as part of the design would be perfect. Think of her hobbies too. If she is an aspiring artist, think of putting prints from famous artists like Monet or Rembrandt on the walls. 

Start With The Basics - After you have decided whether you're going to go with a feminine design or a toned-down design, you'll want to start with the basic.

The wall coverings are a good place to start. Are you going to paint the walls or are you going to wall paper them? Remember you can do a combination of both treatments.

Choosing the window covers will help to set the mood of the room. Think of letting your little daughter help you to select her window covering. 

If you're doing a frilly design, consider simply buying white eyelet curtains and tying them back with ribbons of many colors. 

If you're planning a room for your tom-boy child, think of still adding something girlie to the window treatment. For example, if you've chosen denim curtains, tie them back with a silk flower. 

Another thought is to buy wooden plantation shutters for your room. They'll go with any style you have chosen. Another good thing about wooden shutters is that they are affordable, easy to maintain, and very durable. They'll fit in your daughter's room even if she goes from tom-boy to princess or the other way around. 

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