How To Decide Where To Place Your Kitchen Cabinets

15 May 2017
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Kitchens contain a lot of stuff. Food, utensils, appliances, storage containers and many other essentials can be difficult to store. Therefore, one of the most important factors to consider when designing cabinets is the placement of the cabinets. Regardless of how they look, if they are not placed in locations where they will be easy to use and improve the appearance of your kitchen, they will become a disappointment.

The Traditional Kitchen

One of the most common ways to position kitchen cabinets is with one above and one below the kitchen sink. This provides a convenient place where pots and pans can be placed shortly after washing and drying them. The cabinets above and below the sink simply look natural. 

Modern Kitchens

More modern kitchens tend to have an open floor plan. The kitchens are placed on an island so that they do not disrupt the open floor plan of the rest of the home. However, you want to also consider whether your kitchen will adhere to the overall design plans of your space. Kitchens often have unique designs in their own rights. You may want a more traditional kitchen while still having an open floor plan. 

Your Kitchen's Size

The size of your space will influence which design option is the best. Large, open spaces are more well-suited for traditional cabinet designs, while smaller spaces are better suited for compact designs.

The Position Of Your Appliances

When deciding where to place cabinets, it is important to consider the types of appliances you intend to have in your kitchen. The most important appliances are usually the stove, sink, and refrigerator, so the placement of the kitchen cabinets should not interfere with the use of these appliances. Ideally, the layout should have these appliances arranged in a triangle. Avoid placing the refrigerator next to the stove because the fridge will be forced to work harder as a result of the heat generated by the stove. The sink will need to be placed near the plumbing. Therefore, the position of your cabinets will need to be in relation to where you will need to place your appliances. 

The Position Of Your Cabinets

Cabinets can be placed over the countertops, but they need to be high enough to where they do not obstruct the activities that are performed on them. It is also ideal to place cabinets below countertops. But otherwise, you will have the freedom to place your cabinets in locations that will help you achieve your vision for a kitchen. 

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