The Key Differences Between Privacy Drapes And Light-Blocking Drapes

23 March 2017
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There are all kinds of drapes to hang on your windows. However, you may be interested in some custom draperies that have special features. For example, there are privacy drapes and light-blocking drapes. Here are some key differences between these two types of drapes, in case you decide that you are interested in either type for your home.

Privacy Drapes

Privacy drapes are meant to give you privacy. If you have a lot of neighbors who are nosy, or you have large picture windows in your home, the privacy drapes can shut out the rest of the world and allow you to go about your day inside. Usually, these drapes are cut from heavier kinds of cloth that do not allow anyone to see in or out of your home. For example, instead of cotton broadcloth (which is the standard cloth for most curtains and drapes that you can buy), the privacy drapes are cut from tweeds, velvet, velveteen, or some other heavy and dense fabric.

Light-Blocking Drapes

Light-blocking drapes are also heavy cloth drapes, except that they are backed with additional cloth or a rubbery material. The extra cloth or rubbery backing blocks out the light completely, which is a plus for anyone who works all night and sleeps during the day. Additionally, because these drapes are backed by extra materials, their colors do not fade quite as quickly as regularly drapes because sun exposure is diminished.

Common Uses for Both Types of Drapes

You could use light-blocking drapes on bedroom windows upstairs, even if you do not work third shift and sleep all day. They can help block out a lot of light from lamp posts, city lights, and cars going by as well, allowing you to get a much better night's (or day's) sleep. Single-panel, light-blocking drapes are the most common style for what you need.

As for privacy drapes, they are very good drapes to have if you have a bathroom or powder room with a window right next to the toilet or shower, or in a mud room where you might strip down to wash everything you have on and there is a window close by. If you do not have any issues with street lamps, daytime sleeping, cars going by at night, etc., then you may want to use privacy drapes instead of light-blocking drapes for your bedroom. They keep everything that is meant to be private, private.

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